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What is ci_calc

The “compound interest calculator” (or “ci_calc”) generates a nice overview of compound interest possibilities for your specific investment plan. This overview is saved in an .xlsx Excel file with 3 sheets:

  • The first sheet is an overview of different investment periods.
  • The second sheet gives all possible outcomes for each month + average yearly return combination
  • The third sheet shows the month-over-month equivalent of year-on-year returns from 0 - 100%

Why ci_calc

ci_calc aims to help with multiple things:

  1. Help pick an investment plan that fits specific budgets, plans & desires.
  2. Get a feel for how your investment plan can/will turn out
  3. Estimate the average year-on-year return of a certain dollar-cost-averaging history
  4. Assure anyone that slow but steady wins the race

How to use ci_calc

Download ci_calc from this page or my Github. (Note: your operating system might complain it doesn’t know me / this application)

Youtube demo:

Note: it’s advised to look at the Excel file with Excel or Google Sheets.